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Plan interventions, efficiently and collaboratively

Satchel Pulse’s intervention library is designed to improve the social and emotional development of students by providing SEL resources that recognize the brilliance within each child.

Intervention library

The library is easily searchable by grade level, CASEL competency, and CASEL subskills. Users can rate and comment on the effectiveness of each intervention, helping other educators make good planning decisions.

Satchel Pulse SEL intervention

Intervention lesson plan

The intervention plan includes 6-8 lessons aligned with CASEL subskills. These targeted SEL lessons are designed specifically for tier 2 and tier 3 students in a small group or one-on-one setting.

Satchel Pulse intervention lesson plan

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We’ll talk to you about assessing and monitoring SEL in your district and answer any questions you may have about Satchel Pulse. We’ll show you how you can provide teacher screening and student assessment through Satchel Pulse’s simple interface and how to use the data to deliver solution-provided tier 2 and 3 interventions.


Premium SEL Lesson content

Satchel Pulse’s premium lesson content is designed to provide actionable and adaptable lessons and connects administrators, educators, and interventionists with culturally-affirming practices, interactive strategies, and interventions for supporting student SEL.

The lesson content includes:

  • 6-10 minutes for tier 1 with a video and reflection/discussion questions.
  • 15-30 minutes for tiers 2 and 3, with check in, video, discussion, and optimistic closure, this is one of CASEL’s signature practices.

Watch the intro for this premium SEL lesson video, focused on the key to building strong relationships.

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American Association of School Administrators logo

American Association of School Administrators (AASA)

Satchel Pulse is proud to partner with AASA and support their Redefining Ready! initiative.

The Education Technology Joint Powers Authority logo

The Ed Tech Joint Powers Authority (Ed Tech JPA)

Satchel Pulse is an approved partner of Ed Tech JPA, serving districts across California.

Missouri Association of School Administrators logo

Missouri Association of School Administrators (MASA)

Satchel Pulse is proud to support the Missouri Association of Rural Educators through our Associate Membership.

Missouri Association of Rural Education logo

Missouri Association of Rural Education (MARE)

Satchel Pulse supports the Missouri Association of Rural Educators through our Associate Membership.


You are in good company

Dawson County School District logo

Dawson County School District

Executive Director of Student Services

We like that we can gather feedback frequently in smaller intervals, this helps us keep a beat on perception throughout the year.

Limestone County School District logo

Limestone County School District


As a new superintendent in the district, Pulse has been a huge help and will continue being so. We all want feedback and want our employees to know they have a voice, Pulse has provided that for us.

Hickman Mills C-1 School District logo

Hickman Mills C-1 School District

Associate Superintendent

Last year we had the least amount of resignations and retirements within the last five years.

Mekoryuk School logo

Mekoryuk School


Pulse gives an equal voice to every staff member, which they did not have before using this.

Douglas County School System logo

Douglas County School System


Pulse is so intuitive and easy to use. Help is always available if we ever need it!

Eek School Logo

Eek School


This is awesome. I can export the results from our student wellbeing survey with one click and compare results week on week.

Nelson Island School Logo

Nelson Island School


The survey took very little time and the interface was student friendly. The students especially liked using the sliding scale with the different faces instead of numbers or words, that made it easier for them.